Monday, January 23, 2012

Stay Focused!

I made a resolution this year and it's one I actually plan on keeping. My New Year's resolution is to stay focused on my projects. It's kind of broad since my projects can range from commissions to finally squashing that creepy spider that watches me sleep every night. And this resolution might not sound like much but if you know anything about me (and it's better if you didn't) it's that I have the attention span of a dust bunny.

And that is no lie.

Even as we speak, it is taking every ounce of my inner strength to stay away from Facebook and DeviantArt as I write this article. You see, I don't get bored. I get super bored. I get Megalodon bored. I get Super Sayain Megalodon bored. And when I get "SSM" bored, I wander off the path. And where the unmarked trail leads me is up to anyone's guess but I usually find myself covered in potato chip crumbs, staring dumbly at photographs of cats stuffed in pickle jars with funny captions at the bottom.

But, I shouldn't be doing things like that. I can't afford to. Because I have dreams. Big dreams. One of them is to become successful with the website my husband and I created, And, just like the porn industry, you'll only become rich and successful if you keep at it everyday. 

But, there may be a small bump in the road. A bump the size of a dead deer.

I might have what the scholars call the "ADHD" or "ADD". I don't know which one but I'm not picky. But, words are useless with something as serious as this. I'll show you a typical day in my home.

It starts with me being coerced by my college professors into doing a report on a subject that does not interest me in the least like human rights or starving children or whatever the hell...

Soon, I get bored.

But then, like a child being dragged back into the house on a summer afternoon, I remember the task that I am yet to complete.

I try again at this "being a responsible adult" thing and struggle to finish my paper.

I fail.


But, someone always comes to my rescue just in the nick of time.

I may not have the best grade in Advanced English but at least I make the deadline.

So, that's it. That's my life. It doesn't exactly qualify for an interview with Oprah, but there's always room for change. And I'm going to change it. I'm going to be much more focused than I was last year! Hopefully, all my hard work and dedication will pay off and I'll be able to create some sort of monetary gain with this crazy new idea!

And I know what you're asking yourself. Was I able to complete this article before losing my focus?



Oh. And here's a picture of that Super Sayain Megalodon I was talking about. Just because.

He's a killjoy.